Friday, September 7, 2012


Rising to the challenge, Kate!

I love looking at people's books, and looking at their shelves is surely a window into their soul (at least into their personality).

So here are my shelves, untouched and not rearranged for camera:

The attic shelves. Yes - this is a real attic I'm writing from. Or as we call it, 'the loft'.

Detail of attic shelves. Most of my favourites are up here.

And then there are various downstairs shelves...

Detail of my cookery books, which now I look at it, are on a really dirty shelf (see, I told you it was unedited). Some of these books need throwing out. There is a copy of Claudia Rodan's 'Middle eastern Food' held together with a rubber band, and other 40 year old books that are almost compost. But I love them and use them.

Not shown: the shelves in my workroom, which is away from the house, and I can't be bothered going down there to photograph them. But they're almost empty, as I've been culling my books drastically, due to an impending move. But if I were to show them, I would focus on the 6 volumes of Proust, lent years ago by a friend, and never read.

So show us your shelves ... No cheating, mind ...


  1. what lovely bookshelves and well-loved books! thanks for sharing them with us.

    i love that you say some of your books are almost compost. one day they might be, and then they will help little new trees to grow and then they will become books! (it's both a grotesque but wonderful thought. and i hardly think the trees you might grow would actually be made into books, but still...let me have my thoughts!)

  2. Ah, kate, I will let you have whatever thoughts you like. I too like the biodegradability of the book - and maybe I would even let one of my trees be made into a book (I've planted so many that I've cut a few down anyway).