The attic project

I used to have two other blogs - Secret Scribbled and Notes From Underground. But I only have time for one - the attic. So I ditched the others - I think it's odd to have blogs sitting there that aren't added to.

In the attic I write about books and music - mostly books. Bit by bit I'm toiling up the stairs with the ones that have meant the most to me over the years - and occasionally what I'm reading now.

I like the attic. It's quiet up here away from the babble of the rest of the internet. Very few people come.
And I like the focus of it. If I want to add in a recipe, say, for plum clafoutis (and you won't find one there yet), I have to think of a way of tying it in with books. Keeps me on my toes.

So please be quiet please, and close the door softly when you go out.

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